Funds are not a standalone asset class, but rather a scheme where lots of investors put their money together, and then have the money invested into lots of different assets like shares, bonds, or cash – giving you lots of diversification at once. There are many types of funds, for example, active funds (where there is a professional fund manager who decides where and how to invest the money), and passive funds (where the money in the fund is invested in a market index e.g. Top 50 companies in the NZ market).

How to invest: You can buy funds through a platform like InvestNow or Sharesies, or direct from a fund manager like Kernel or Simplicity.

How much money do I need to start investing?

Investing is all about putting your money to work for you - so that it grows into even more money. But how much money do you need to start investing? ...
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How to choose which fund to invest in on InvestNow and Sharesies

With an offering of over 110 funds, choosing which funds to invest in with InvestNow can be a daunting task - especially because InvestNow is aimed at self-directed investors and ...
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What’s the difference between InvestNow, Sharesies, Simplicity, Hatch, and more?

InvestNow, Sharesies, Simplicty, Smartshares, Kernel, Hatch, and ASB Securities. Whether you've been investing for a while, or you're new, you've probably heard of these popular New Zealand investment services. They ...
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Building an investment portfolio – Simplicity vs InvestNow

Building an investment portfolio is something many of us want to do to grow our wealth, and these days there are many options New Zealanders can use to do so ...
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Shopping for ETFs – Sharesies vs Hatch

Sharesies and Hatch are New Zealand's friendly faces of investing, and are both fantastic services that have brought ETF investing much closer to everyday Kiwis. ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are ...
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InvestNow vs Sharesies – Ultimate Fund Platform showdown and review

Pak'nSave vs Countdown. Cadbury vs Whittakers. Air New Zealand vs Jetstar. There are heaps of great rivalries around NZ and the world, and InvestNow vs Sharesies is one of them ...
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What happens to your money if InvestNow or Sharesies go bust?

When thinking about investing your hard earned money, it is understandable (and a good thing!) to question whether the investment provider you want to use such as InvestNow and Sharesies ...
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Smartshares vs AMP vs Kernel vs Harbour – NZ Share Index Fund shootout

Index funds that invest in New Zealand shares are a fantastic investment to choose when beginning to invest, or for existing investors to use in their portfolios. They are easy ...
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Smartshares vs Vanguard vs AMP vs Kernel – International Share Index Fund shootout

Index funds that invest in international shares are a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio overseas, particularly as our home NZ market makes up less than 0.5% of the ...
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Funds 101 – What’s the difference between an Index Fund, ETF, and more?

Happy 2020! Some of you may have New Year's Resolutions to be better with money, along with goals to invest your money to let it work for you and grow ...
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Beyond the top 10 – How to see everything your fund is invested in

A common challenge for investors in both KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver funds is being able to find information on a fund's full holdings. People want to see an entire list of ...
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More funds = less diversification? Are you investing in too many funds?

Are you a fund shopaholic? Thanks to services like InvestNow and Sharesies, it's super easy and affordable for investors to invest in lots and lots of funds. And like with ...
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