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These are some good investing and personal finance related blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels, all with a New Zealand focus.

Last updated: 14 April 2022


Money King NZ

You’re on this site right now! On Money King NZ you’ll find practical articles on investing in NZ, whether it be in shares, bonds, funds, peer to peer lending, or even cryptocurrency.

The Happy Saver

A happy and friendly blogger, The Happy Saver shares her thoughts and experiences with investing and money management. The Happy Saver also has a podcast sharing the money journeys of everyday people.

Passive Income NZ

Passive Income NZ is an informative blog with a focus on investing to earn passive income and achieving financial independence.

Your Money Blueprint

Your Money Blueprint shares regular, thoughtful articles about life, money, investing, and chasing financial freedom.

NZ Wealth & Risk

NZ Wealth & Risk is written by Sonnie, an authorised financial advisor, and his blog is worth checking out too.

Sam Harith

Sam Harith – The Comic Accountant writes about accounting, finance, and economics in a simple, and easy to understand manner. The topics are not specifically investing related, but still handy for investors to understand.


Libertas is a site aiming to educate young New Zealanders on personal finance and investing.


Beezynvest is another Kiwi site with comprehensive articles on investing topics.


NZ Everyday Investor

NZ Everyday Investor is a great podcast with episodes featuring guests from well known NZ investment services like InvestNow, Kernel, and Pie Funds.

It’s No Secret

Hosts of It’s No Secret, Cat and Christine (from Kernel), discuss money topics that Kiwis often find difficult to talk about.

The OneUp Project

The OneUp Project is an excellent show covering a wide range of personal finance matters as well as personal development topics.

Cooking the Books

Cooking the Books is an easy to listen to podcast talking about a wide range of money topics including investing, budgeting, and housing.

NZ Guide to Financial Freedom

NZ Guide to Financial Freedom produces short but helpful episodes on various investment topics.

On Point

On Point is a podcast from Craigs Investment Partners that covers the key events happening in the financial markets.

Girls That Invest

Girls That Invest is a hugely popular podcast aimed at giving women the confidence to invest.

Raising The Curve

Raising The Curve is another investment podcast targeted towards women, but it’s informative enough that even men will learn something from it!

Sharesies Recap

Sharesies Recap is a short daily podcast covering notable events in the financial markets each day.

Your Money with Mary Holm

Legendary personal finance journalist Mary Holm has a fortnightly podcast series on RNZ, covering everything from KiwiSaver to retirement and mortgages.

YouTube Channels

Henk Hustle Investing

Henk Hustle Investing presents very practical information about a bunch of NZ personal finance topics, from investing, to the cheapest mobile phone providers.

Joshua Wang

Joshua Wang is a YouTuber who talks about different NZ investment services, and his experiences in investing in a diversified share portfolio.

Investing with Tom

Investing with Tom is another Kiwi YouTuber. While not all his videos are NZ focussed, he covers a wide range of topics which you are sure to find useful.

Financial Knowledge

Financial Knowledge puts out regular videos on investing concepts, NZ investment platforms, and cryptocurrency.

Crypto Kiwi

Crypto Kiwi is a New Zealand YouTuber with a focus on cryptocurrency related topics.

Brent Coleman

Brent Coleman is a new, small YouTube channel but his videos are clear and high quality. He covers topics relating to investment platforms, funds, and general personal finance.

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