Hey all, these are a few basic spreadsheets you can use to keep track of your investments or make some calculations.

They’re on Google Sheets, so you’ll first need to be signed in to a Google account. Next click the Copy Spreadsheet button to copy the sheet to your account, which you can then freely edit.

Simplicity vs InvestNow Fee Calculator

Use this to calculate the fees that you’d pay on a DIY investment portfolio on InvestNow, and compare it to the fees you’d pay by investing in one of Simplicity’s funds. For more background, see my article Building an Investment Portfolio – Simplicity vs InvestNow.

Sharesies vs Hatch Fee Calculator

Use this to perform a very rough calculation on the fees that you’d pay by investing in domestic Smartshares ETFs on Sharesies, compared to the fees you’d pay by investing in US ETFs on Hatch.

Term Deposit Calculator

Use this to calculate and compare the after-tax returns from two term deposits, including PIE term deposits.

NZ Dividend Calculator

Use this to calculate the dollar amount you’ll receive in dividends, based on the number of shares you own. You’ll also need to input the company’s dividend payment data, which can be found on the NZX website e.g. Dividend data for Infratil can be found at https://www.nzx.com/instruments/IFT/dividends – replace IFT with the ticker code of the company you wish to check.

Share Tracker

Use this to keep track of individual shares you own. It allows you to know how much capital gain/loss has been made, and keep track of dividends manually. You can also use this to track Smartshares ETFs. Just edit the ticker codes in column D.

Consider using Sharesight if you’re looking for a solution to track dividends automatically.

Portfolio Allocation

Use this to see how your investment portfolio is allocated to different assets, and calculate your total portfolio value.

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