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ASB, BNZ YouWealth, Kiwi Wealth review – Are managed funds with your bank worth it?

Most of you will be aware of the fact that our major banks - ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, and Westpac - all offer KiwiSaver schemes, managing tens of billions of dollars between them. The banks are a convenient choice given the familiarity and relationships we ...
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6 ways to build a long-term investment portfolio in New Zealand

The options for New Zealanders to invest their money for the long-term has grown substantially in recent years. More choice is great, but potentially adds to the confusion around what to invest in and how to build a well-rounded and well-diversified long-term investment portfolio. The ...
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What’s the best short-term investment?

Many of us have money put aside for the short-term. This could be money that you're saving to buy a house, for a wedding, to pay for education, or simply kept as part of an emergency fund. So what's the best place to invest the ...
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Shares 101 – How to buy shares, which companies to pick, and more

Have you signed up to Sharesies or Hatch but are not sure what you're doing? Or maybe all your friends and family are into investing in shares and you don't know what the fuss about? Or perhaps you simply want to get started in investing ...
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10% return too good to be true? Investing with Du Val and Williams Corp

If you use Facebook or Instagram you might have seen some ads promoting a 10% return for investing with property developers like Du Val Group and Williams Corporation. This rate of return is significantly higher than what you can earn by sticking your money in ...
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Smartshares US 500 (USF) vs Vanguard S&P 500 (VOO) – Which ETF is better?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that invest in the S&P 500 index are a convenient and popular way for Kiwis to get exposure to international shares. The S&P 500 index comprises 500 of the largest companies listed in the United States, including some of the world's ...
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Buying shares in the USA – Sharesies vs Hatch vs Stake

Sharesies, Hatch, and Stake are relative newcomers to the New Zealand investment industry, providing cheap and convenient access for Kiwis to invest in shares listed in the United States of America - a market much greater in size, and with a lot more choice compared ...
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What I learnt – The Great FMA Debate: DIY Investing

On Wednesday 4 August 2021, folks from across the financial markets industry including fund managers, investment platform operators, and regulators came together in Auckland's Q Theatre to witness industry leaders partake in The Great FMA Debate. The moot of the debate was: Investors are better ...
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What’s inside? My investment portfolio

I've been actively investing since September 2015 when I opened an ASB Securities account and bought $3,000 worth of shares in Air New Zealand. Since then my portfolio has had many additions, just as many assets sold off, and has gone through notable events such ...
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Smartshares vs AMP vs Milford vs Nikko AM – Cash fund shootout

Most people will be familiar with the cash asset class, including the likes of term deposits, and savings accounts. These are simple investments where you leave your money with a bank or finance company, and earn some interest in return. However, most are less familiar ...
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What I learnt – Snowball Effect and PWA Investor Masterclass: State of Global Markets

After plenty of disruption from COVID-19, I attended my first in-person investment event in over 1.5 years. Sick of endless webinars and Zoom calls, on Thursday 15 July I made an after work trek to Parnell, Auckland where hosts Snowball Effect and PWA held a ...
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Smartshares vs SuperLife vs AMP vs Simplicity – Bond index fund shootout

Bonds are a major asset class but are often overshadowed by shares, despite the global bond market being just as big (if not bigger) in size. Most investment platforms focus on shares rather than bonds (we have Sharesies but not Bondsies!), and there is not ...
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Testing Sharesies’ security – Is your account vulnerable?

A recent post on Reddit raised some concerns over the security of the Sharesies platform. The post's key concern was that your Sharesies account is vulnerable because the platform lacks two-factor authentication (2FA), and that an attacker who had gotten hold of your email and ...
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Smartshares & Kernel – Thematic Index Fund shootout

Have you come across index funds that invest purely in robotics, or electric vehicle related companies? These are examples of thematic funds, a somewhat new offering in the New Zealand investment market offered by Smartshares and Kernel. This article will take a look at the ...
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Build your own KiwiSaver – InvestNow vs SuperLife vs Craigs

Most KiwiSaver providers take a "three sizes fit all" approach in the funds they offer, with investors having to choose from either a "Conservative", "Balanced", or "Growth" fund to invest their retirement (or first home) money in. However, there are a small number of providers ...
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