About Money King NZ

Most people want to invest and get ahead financially, but the problem is not knowing how to start. Most resources out there relate to overseas investors rather than the New Zealand market, or don’t go far enough into detail such as explaining which services you can use to invest, or how to choose which assets to buy.

That’s why we launched Money King NZ in 2019 as a free and informative guide to your investment journey, providing detailed articles and resources about investing with a focus on the New Zealand market. We started this site to share our personal investing knowledge, aiming to help Kiwis make informed decisions on where and how to invest and make a positive difference to their financial situations.

Money King NZ is:

  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Completely independent and created without sponsorship from any other party. We’re not afraid to call out the bad aspects of investment platforms and services.
  • A team of everyday investors with several years personal + professional industry experience, and a combined 7 figure net worth.
  • Passionate about investing with the belief that it’s a powerful tool to build your wealth.

While we hope you find our content useful, none of it constitutes financial advice. Everything on this site should be read in conjunction with our disclaimer.

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Arguably one of the most insightful investment educators in New Zealand, the Money King NZ goes into beautiful detail and breaks down the complexity of popular products.


Money King NZ – is a prominent and well-respected blogger in the New Zealand finance space. His areas of expertise include shares, bonds, funds and peer-to-peer lending. His honest yet insightful articles make him a go-to favourite for first-time investors.


Money King NZ is well-known among Kiwis for its insightful investment education… They’re especially popular among Kiwis who are only starting in their journey to become financially independent.


[Money King NZ] is a well researched, independent commentator whose impartial insights have been valued by many in the financial services sector


Money King is similar to MoneyHub in that they provide excellent guides covering a range of topics, however with a greater focus on investing itself. Often times the level of depth they go into is significantly deeper and the articles are well written to break down complex concepts to be simple to read and digestible for all readers to understand.

Brent Coleman

It’s refreshing to have someone explain investments strategy in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

[your articles] are very well written and explain things in a way which is simple yet informative, perfect for a novice investor like myself.

I enjoy the way you write, I learn so much. Thanks for taking the time to do these comparisons and share your knowledge.

I really love your articles which cover off some really important investment info that can be hard to find elsewhere!

Just wanted to say thank you for your articles. They are written in simple & clear English. That makes them easy to understand. Thank you also for the various reviews / comparisons.

I have been studying all throughout the lockdown about investing and Money King had been by far the best resource.

I just wanted to compliment you on your articles. I read your articles comparing funds offered by NZ’s major banks and comparison between the lowest cost funds (BNZ, simplicity, and Juno). I thought the articles were very well written, well researched, and you consider additional aspects other than fees. It’s rare to come across impartial articles on the internet.

Love the way you cut through the noise – your articles are seriously the best financial education articles I’ve read.