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Most people want to invest and get ahead financially, but many don’t know how to start. However, most resources out there related to overseas investors rather than the New Zealand market, or don’t go far enough into detail such as explaining which services to use, or which funds to buy.

With Money King NZ, we’re here to share knowledge, experiences, and honest opinions about investing with you. This site aims to help you with your investment journey with helpful, independent, and reliable articles about investing, with a focus on the New Zealand market.

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Arguably one of the most insightful investment educators in New Zealand, the Money King NZ goes into beautiful detail and breaks down the complexity of popular products.


Money King NZ – is a prominent and well-respected blogger in the New Zealand finance space. His areas of expertise include shares, bonds, funds and peer-to-peer lending. His honest yet insightful articles make him a go-to favourite for first-time investors.


I read Money King NZ’s article and it was very practical and very easy to understand. It would be helpful for those who want to invest in some assets in New Zealand, in addition to saving money. As the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad says, the only way to really get out of the rat race is to buy assets, not get into debt, and get money to work for us.

I thought [your posts] had a good amount of detail. Easy to read but still informative.

It’s awesome that there’s more information on the NZ market, keep up the good work!

I read your blog and thanks for devoting so much time on researching and educating us.

It’s refreshing to have someone explain investments strategy in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

[your articles] are very well written and explain things in a way which is simple yet informative, perfect for a novice investor like myself.