Investment Services

These are some services you can use to invest your money in New Zealand.

Details on Australian investment services can be found in this article, No Sharesies, No worries! A guide to investment services in Australia



There is not much difference between the major banks, but I am with ANZ as their Freedom account is fee free (including a free debit card) as long as I deposit at least $2,500 every month. Other banks typically charge fees for things like having a debit card.

Heartland Bank

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Heartland Bank’s Direct Call account is a solid option to keep your cash and emergency funds. It offers a high interest rate, with the ability to withdraw your funds at any time. Heartland also offers good term deposit rates, but the bank does have a lower credit rating than the main banks.

Fund Platforms


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InvestNow is an incredibly popular fund platform. There are over 100 funds to choose from, from providers such as Smartshares, Vanguard, and AMP. There are no fees to pay to use the platform, and you can invest from as little as $50.


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Sharesies offers a small number of funds, and their minimum investment is 1 cent! They have a fantastic user interface which is really good for beginners, however do charge fees for every transaction you make. But it’s a still a good place to get started and learn investing.

Keen to start building your investment portfolio with Sharesies? Sign up with this link, and you’ll get a bonus $5 in your account to invest!


Direct Broking

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Direct Broking is a broker you can use to buy shares in individual companies on the NZX (NZ share market). The fee to buy or sell shares starts at $30 which isn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than most other alternatives. You can also buy and sell bonds through Direct Broking.

ASB Securities

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ASB Securities provides a similar service to Direct Broking, although they have a cheaper $15 brokerage fee for trades of $1,000 or less.


Hatch is a service that gives New Zealanders access to shares and ETFs on the US sharemarkets.


ShareMeUp is a brokerage service which allows you to purchase shares in a small selection of NZ companies with as little as $50.

Fund & KiwiSaver Managers


JUNO is a low cost KiwiSaver fund provider. Their best feature is no fees for balances under $5,000. You can check out my comparison between JUNO, Simplicity, and BNZ here.


Simplicity is another good KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver fund manager. They’re a not-for-profit, passive fund manager, with low fees of 0.31% + $30 per year.


Kernel is a new non-KiwiSaver index fund manager. Their fund selection is currently limited, but more funds are on the way. Kernel also has the only index fund that invests outside the NZ Top 50.

Peer to Peer Lending Platforms


squirrel logo

Squirrel Money is the easiest Peer to Peer Lending platform to use. It’s the only one in NZ where you can sell your investment early. However, the potential returns are lower than Harmoney and Lending Crowd, and it requires a minimum of $500 to invest in each loan. Check out my review of Squirrel here.

Lending Crowd

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Lending Crowd has fewer features than Harmoney (e.g. no auto-invest), but makes up for it by offering secured loans to only high-quality borrowers. Check out my review of Lending Crowd here.

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

Snowball Effect

I’ve used Snowball Effect to invest in a few Equity Crowdfunding campaigns like Squirrel, Punakaiki Fund, and Zeffer Cider.


pledgeme logo

PledgeMe is another Equity Crowdfunding platform I’ve used, although they feel a bit less professional that Snowball Effect. They also offer “project crowdfunding” on their site – putting money into these are essentially donations and won’t buy you any shares.


Easy Crypto

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Easy Crypto is one of the easiest ways for Kiwis to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Purchases of crypto are usually completed and sent to your wallet within a few minutes. You can view my how to guide on how to buy Bitcoin in NZ here.

Exodus Wallet

If you don’t have a lot of cryptocurrency, a basic wallet on your mobile phone is usually adequate to store it. For this you can use Exodus which is a multi-currency wallet that can hold Bitcoin and most major altcoins, and is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.



Wise is among the cheapest and fastest currency transfer services out there. They also offer a multi-currency Debit Mastercard (with very low fees!) which is handy for overseas travel.

Sign up to Wise using this link, and you’ll get a fee-free transfer of up to £500


Not really an investment service, but Cove is one of New Zealand’s cheapest car insurance providers. Have a look and hopefully it can save you money, so you have more to put towards your investments.

Use this link and you can get one month’s car insurance cover (up to $100) for free

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