Useful Websites

These are investing related websites that I find useful and interesting.

Portfolio Tracking

Yahoo Finance

yahoo finance logo

I use the Yahoo Finance app on my phone to keep track of the various shares I’ve invested in, or are watching. It features price charts, statistics, and news for shares from all around the world.


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The major limitation of sites like Yahoo Finance is that they don’t track non-ETF funds, such as the Vanguard and AMP funds on InvestNow. That’s where Sharesight comes in. Sharesight allows you to track funds in addition to shares (and cryptocurrency!), but their real standout feature is automatic tracking of dividend income. Sharesight allows you to track up to 10 holdings for free.

Special Offer: Need to track more than 10 holdings? Subscribe to an annual plan using this link, and you’ll get 2 months free.

Discussion Forums

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Sharetrader is another discussion forum for New Zealand share investors. I learnt a lot by reading the discussions on this site, as most members are knowledgeable and experienced investors.

Reddit – r/PersonalFinanceNZ

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The subreddit Personal Finance New Zealand is another good place to discuss investing in NZ. You may even see me posting and commenting there once in a while.

Investment News logo is useful for comparing the interest rates of various savings products and term deposits at different banks. Apart from that, they post interesting news articles about money and the economy. has just been overhauled into a beautiful site containing the latest home loan rates, news, and some basic mortgage information.

John Ryder’s Global Newsletter

John Ryder global news logo

John Ryder produces a monthly economic and investment newsletter, which is packed full of news about the economy, sharemarkets, bond markets, commodities, interest rates, and more. Well worth reading, and it’s free to subscribe to!


coinmarketcap logo

CoinMarketCap is my go-to source for cryptocurrency prices.

Government Services


sorted logo

Sorted contains a huge amount of tools, guides, and articles relating to everything about money, from budgeting, saving, investing, to managing debt. Their KiwiSaver Fund Finder is one of their most useful tools. Sorted is provided by a government funded agency, the Commission for Financial Capability.

Financial Markets Authority

Doing research into whether an investment or financial provider is legit or not? The FMA website is a good place to start, as you can search to see whether your provider is licensed or not. Apart from that, they have a bunch of guides about investments as well as avoiding scams.


Brave Browser

brave browser

Brave is my main web browser and is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Brave automatically blocks ads and trackers, but you can opt-in to see occasional ads and be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. Download Brave through this link and you’ll also be supporting Money King NZ. Give it a go – I think you’ll be surprised at how many ads and trackers are out there on the web.

He Reo Whairawa

He Reo Whairawa is an initiative to develop a vocabulary of 100 finance and investment terms in te reo Māori. Check out the full list of words here (PDF, 1.1MB).

NZ Investing & Finance blogs

Money King NZ

You’re on this site right now! Here you’ll find practical articles on investing in NZ, whether it be in shares, bonds, funds, peer to peer lending, or even cryptocurrency.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Happy Saver

A happy and friendly blogger, Ruth shares her thoughts and experiences with investing and money management.

Website | Facebook

Passive Income NZ

Rohan’s informative blog with a focus on investing to earn passive income and achieving financial independence.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Your Money Blueprint

A fellow Wellington based blogger, Nick, shares thoughtful articles about life, money, investing, and chasing financial freedom.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Piki Living

A Filipino Kiwi family with some very interesting ways of thinking about money and early retirement.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

NZ Wealth & Risk

Sonnie is an authorised financial advisor, and his blog is worth checking out too.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Henk Hustle

The only YouTube channel on this list! Henk presents very practical information about investing in NZ

YouTube Channel

The Archives

The Smart and Lazy

The Smart and Lazy was an amazingly comprehensive blog about investing in NZ, with lots of great number crunching. Sadly no longer actively posting.

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