Useful Websites

These are investment related websites that I find useful and interesting.

Investment related blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels can be found on this page.

Portfolio/Market Tracking

Yahoo Finance

yahoo finance logo

I use the Yahoo Finance app on my phone to keep track of the various shares I’ve invested in, or are watching. It features price charts, statistics, and news for shares from all around the world.


sharesight logo

The major limitation of sites like Yahoo Finance is that they don’t track non-ETF funds, such as the Vanguard and AMP funds on InvestNow. That’s where Sharesight comes in. Sharesight allows you to track funds in addition to shares (and cryptocurrency!), but their real standout feature is automatic tracking of dividend income. Sharesight allows you to track up to 10 holdings for free.

Special Offer: Need to track more than 10 holdings? Subscribe to an annual plan using this link, and you’ll get 2 months free.


NZX are the operators of the NZ share and bond markets and their site contains some specific details of NZ shares and bond issues that Yahoo Finance doesn’t have, such as company announcements and dividend payment dates.

Direct Broking

Direct Broking is a broker, but their site has a couple of useful pages, viewable even if you’re not one of their clients:


coinmarketcap logo

CoinMarketCap is my go-to source for cryptocurrency prices.

Investment News logo is useful for comparing the interest rates of various savings products and term deposits at different banks. Apart from that, they post interesting news articles about money and the economy. has just been overhauled into a beautiful site containing the latest home loan rates, news, and some basic mortgage information.

Investment News NZ

Investment News is targeted towards those working in the finance/investment industry rather than investors themselves, but some of their content might give you some good insights into the sector.

Investment Newsletters/Magazines

John Ryder’s Global Newsletter

John Ryder global news logo

John Ryder produces a monthly economic and investment newsletter, which is packed full of news about the economy, sharemarkets, bond markets, commodities, interest rates, and more. Well worth reading, and it’s free to subscribe to!

ASB Markets Monthly

ASB Markets Monthly is another newsletter I’ve signed up for, and contains an overview of the previous month’s themes in the global financial markets.

JUNO Investing Magazine

JUNO is an investing magazine published quarterly. Their articles are written in a way that is easy to understand for beginners, but are also varied and interesting enough that even seasoned investors will learn something.

Social media/Email

Most investment service providers have a presence on social media, or an email list you can subscribe to. This is a good way to keep up with the latest investment news, and updates about their services, so find someone that produces good content and follow/subscribe. I personally like InvestNow’s news service which gives you a weekly email with content from various fund managers, but also use Twitter/Facebook to follow various accounts.

Discussion Forums

sharetrader logo

Sharetrader is another discussion forum for New Zealand share investors. I learnt a lot by reading the discussions on this site, as most members are knowledgeable and experienced investors.

Reddit – r/PersonalFinanceNZ

reddit logo

The subreddit Personal Finance New Zealand is another good place to discuss investing in NZ. You may even see me posting and commenting there once in a while.

Facebook Groups

There are a few NZ Facebook Groups somewhat related to investing. One is Following The Barefoot Investor – New Zealand which is for followers of Scott Pape’s book. Another is Kiwi Mustachians which is for followers of the Mr Money Mustache blog. Thirdly, there is a Sharesies’ Share Club which is a group for Sharesies users to discuss investing with each other.

Government Services


sorted logo

Sorted contains a huge amount of tools, guides, and articles relating to everything about money, from budgeting, saving, investing, to managing debt. Their Investor Kickstarter and KiwiSaver Fund Finder are a couple of their most useful tools. Sorted is provided by a government funded agency, the Commission for Financial Capability.

Sorted Smart Investor

Smart Investor is part of the Sorted website, but deserves a separate mention – Have you ever wondered what’s exactly inside the funds you’re invested in? You can search for your fund on Smart Investor, then scroll down a bit to find a Full Portfolio Holdings spreadsheet containing all of the fund’s holdings and weightings. Smart Investor also contains other fund related documents such as the Fund Update, SIPO, and OMI documents.

Financial Markets Authority

Doing research into whether an investment or financial provider is legit or not? The FMA website is a good place to start, as you can search to see whether your provider is licensed or not. Apart from that, they have a bunch of guides about investments as well as avoiding scams. contains some awesome resources about buying and selling a home. There are certainly a lot of concepts and moving parts to understand when it comes to dealing with Real Estate, and I learnt a lot from this site.


Brave Browser

brave browser

Brave is my main web browser and is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Brave automatically blocks ads and trackers, but you can opt-in to see occasional ads and be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. Download Brave through this link and you’ll also be supporting Money King NZ. Give it a go – I think you’ll be surprised at how many ads and trackers are out there on the web.


Feedly is a news aggregator/RSS app I use to subscribe to the investment and finance blogs that I read. Feedly also offers apps for your phone or tablet. It’s useful having all my subscriptions in one app, and helps ensure I don’t miss any new articles.

He Reo Whairawa

He Reo Whairawa is an initiative to develop a vocabulary of 100 finance and investment terms in te reo Māori. Check out the full list of words here (PDF, 1.1MB).

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