Why invest?

Most people earn money by working – trading our hours for dollars. How about making our money work for us? This is what investing is about – putting our money into assets like shares, bonds, and bank deposits where it will grow and grow over time.

What can we achieve when our money works for us? Perhaps we can live a better lifestyle, work less and spend more time with loved ones, or fund a comfortable retirement.

Fortunately anyone can start investing, and thanks to the internet, can do so from anywhere in the world. You don’t need a lot of money to start either. Investing works better the longer you give your money to grow. So the best time to start is now.

Investing Basics

How much money do I need to start investing? And what are the ways I can invest?

Where to Invest?

What’s the difference between all the investment platforms out there? And what fund should I invest in?

Banking Basics

What’s the difference between various bank savings accounts, and what are the best accounts for managing your everyday finances?

Sort your KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver tips, and a comparison between the country’s cheapest KiwiSaver fund.