How to sell Bitcoin in New Zealand

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly prevalent asset class, and while it has become easier for New Zealanders to buy Bitcoin since I wrote the article How to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, the same can’t be said for selling Bitcoin. There are relatively few services which allow you to exchange Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies back to New Zealand Dollars (popular exchanges like Binance and only allow you to buy with NZD, but not sell into NZD).

This article covers two ways you can sell your Bitcoin – selling through an exchange/broker, or spending it. Even if you’re not planning to sell your crypto anytime soon, or if you haven’t invested yet, this article is still for you – as it’s important to consider how you might exit an investment well before you’re intending to do so.

Option 1 – Sell your Bitcoin through an exchange/broker

The first way to sell your Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) is to swap it directly for New Zealand Dollars. You can do this by signing up to an exchange or broker such as Easy Crypto, a New Zealand owned and operated broker which I’ll cover the steps for in this article.

Step 1 – Sign up for Easy Crypto, and verify your identity using your ID.

Step 2 – Add your bank account details to your Easy Crypto account on your Account Details page. This is where your NZD will be deposited once your coins are sold.

Step 3 – On the Easy Crypto homepage select the sell option, then type in the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. Then click Sell Now.

If you’re selling over $30,000 NZD of cryptocurrency in one transaction, you may have to provide proof of where you obtained the crypto from if you didn’t originally buy it from Easy Crypto.

Step 5 – Follow the steps to generate a Bitcoin (BTC) deposit address.

Step 6 – Send/withdraw the exact amount of Bitcoin you’re selling from your wallet/exchange to the deposit address. The instructions to do this will depend on where you’re sending your Bitcoin from. Here are some examples of how to send/withdraw Bitcoin using the mobile apps of popular crypto services Exodus, Binance, and

Withdrawing from Exodus – In your Bitcoin wallet click the send button, then enter the amount you are selling and the deposit address you generated in step 5.

Withdrawing from Binance – Go to the wallet tab and click Withdraw. Select Crypto, then choose the cryptocurrency you wish to sell. Enter your deposit address and the amount you’re selling.

Withdrawing from – Go to your Bitcoin wallet, then click Transfer. Click Withdraw, then select the External Wallet option. Follow the instructions to add your deposit address, then make a withdrawal to that address for the amount of Bitcoin you’re selling.

Step 7 – Once Easy Crypto receives your Bitcoin, they will exchange it for NZD and pay it out to your bank account. The exact amount of NZD you get will depend on the exchange rate at the time Easy Crypto receives your Bitcoin deposit. Your money could take some time to arrive in your bank account as NZD transfers depend on bank processing times (banks don’t send transactions on weekends or public holidays).

Tip 1
While the list of cryptocurrencies you’re able to sell though Easy Crypto is extensive, for more obscure cryptocurrencies you may first have to exchange that cryptocurrency into a major crypto such as BTC, USDT, or LTC before selling it via Easy Crypto. This can be done on exchanges such as Binance or

Tip 2
When sending cryptocurrencies you must pay a network fee, and this will affect the amount of crypto you can sell. For example, if you wanted to sell 1 BTC from you would need at least 1.0004 BTC (1 BTC to send to Easy Crypto and 0.0004 BTC to cover the network fee). Network fees vary from time to time and from crypto to crypto, but most wallets/services will automatically calculate the required network fee for you.

Alternative services

  • Kiwi-Coin – A New Zealand Bitcoin exchange which can potentially be more cost effective, but less streamlined than Easy Crypto. After depositing Bitcoin to Kiwi-Coin, you must place an order into the order book and match with a buyer, and then manually withdraw the NZD into your bank account (which incurs a $10 fee).
  • Peer to Peer trading – You can trade Bitcoin for NZD directly with another individual without going through an exchange/broker. There are Facebook groups or services like LocalBitcoins available to help facilitate P2P transactions. This option can be very cost effective, however won’t be for everyone as you have to trust the other party, and there is usually limited support if something goes wrong.

Option 2 – Spend your Bitcoin

To sell your Bitcoin, you don’t have to swap it directly for New Zealand Dollars. You can also spend it – after all it is a form of currency. Unfortunately, retailers and institutions who accept cryptocurrency payments are still few and far between. However, some crypto companies have developed solutions to help people spend crypto in more places.

One of these solutions is crypto debit cards such the Wirex card, which offers a convenient way to spend your crypto online, in-store, or withdrawn through an ATM.

Below are the steps for applying for the Wirex card:

Step 1 – Sign up for Wirex and verify your identity. This can be done through the Wirex mobile app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2 – To apply for the card you must:

  • Deposit at least $20 into your Wirex account. This can be done by linking your bank debit/credit card to your Wirex account
  • Pay $9.99 SGD for shipping

Step 3 – Wait for your card to be delivered. This should take about 1 week from the time you applied for the card.

Step 4 – Deposit crypto into your Wirex account. Wirex accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI, LINK, MKR, NANO, XLM, and XRP. You can subsequently exchange the crypto to NZD (which costs 1% in fees) in order to spend locally.

Sign up using this link to get a bonus $25 of WRX tokens after you sign up for, and use your Wirex card.

Alternative services

  • – An incredibly popular crypto debit card which rewards you with coins (CRO) as cashback on every purchase. The downsides for Kiwi users are:
    • You must buy and stake at least $500 SGD of coins (CRO) to apply for the card. This locks up your CRO coins for 6 months.
    • You must have your address verified before your card is issued. There is a substantial wait time for this to happen, and even more wait time before your card is issued and shipped.
    • The card doesn’t support NZD. Instead you must convert your crypto to SGD before spending it through the card.
    • The card has a 6-digit PIN which means the card won’t work at some retailers, though anywhere with PayWave should work fine.

Sign up using this link or use promo code njnr86t9z8 to get a bonus $25 of CRO coins once you stake $500 SGD worth of CRO.


Lastly, remember you may be liable for tax when you sell or spend your Bitcoin. Generally any capital gains you make on your crypto is considered taxable income, unless you can prove to the IRD that you didn’t buy the crypto for the purpose of selling or exchanging them (for a profit). This income can be declared on your IR3 Individual Tax Return at the end of the tax year. Services such as Taxoshi may help in calculating the tax you’re liable for on your cryptocurrencies.

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