When you buy shares, you buy a piece of ownership in a company. Also commonly known as stocks, investors in shares can profit from capital gains if the value of their shares go up. Many companies also pay dividends to their shareholders every 3-6 months, which is a portion of the company’s profits.

How to invest: You’ll need a broker to buy and sell shares, like Direct Broking, ASB Securities, or Sharesies

Investing in individual companies vs funds – What’s better?

In July 2019, Sharesies started allowing their users to invest in individual companies listed on the NZX, New Zealand's sharemarket. Sharesies have already done a spectacular job in making funds ...
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Buying shares on the NZX – Sharesies vs ASB Securities and Direct Broking

There's a new kid on the block. Previously ASB Securities (owned by ASB Bank) and Direct Broking (owned by Jarden) were the cheapest brokers to buy and sell shares in ...
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Dealing with Dividends – 5 things to know about them

Dividends - everyone loves them, and they are a crucial aspect of investing as they are one of the two ways you can make money from shares (the other being ...
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What’s inside your property fund? 5 things to know about REITs

Property is a Kiwi obsession. Yet it is unaffordable for so many of us. Therefore it's not uncommon for us to look at adding Property funds and REITs (Real Estate ...
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