KiwiSaver is a special type of investment fund. It’s designed to be a retirement savings scheme where contributions are made from your wages/salary, your employer, and the government. These contributions are then invested into a KiwiSaver fund of your choice, which invest in a mix of shares, bonds, and cash. The employer and government contributions make KiwiSaver one of the best investments in New Zealand, however, your money is locked in until you’re 65, or when you’re buying your first home.

How to invest: If you’re eligible, you’ll be enrolled in the scheme automatically when you start a new job. You can also enrol manually by registering with a KiwiSaver fund provider.

3 tips to get the most out of KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is a savings scheme set up by the New Zealand Government. It's aimed at helping New Zealanders save for retirement, although it can be used to help fund the ...
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Simplicity vs JUNO vs BNZ – Battle of the low cost KiwiSaver funds

KiwiSaver has been around since 2007, but Simplicity shook things up in 2016, when they launched new KiwiSaver funds with dramatically lower fees than most other funds out there. They ...
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Build your own KiwiSaver – InvestNow vs SuperLife vs Craigs

Most KiwiSaver providers take a "three sizes fit all" approach in the funds they offer, with investors having to choose from either a "Conservative", "Balanced", or "Growth" fund to invest ...
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