Bank Deposits

Bank deposits are as easy as it gets. Put your money in a bank account or term deposit and get paid interest according to the interest rate being offered. Bank deposits will give you low returns, but are low risk, making them ideal for saving money for the short-term or for storing your emergency fund.

How to invest: Open a savings account, Notice Saver account, or term deposit with your bank.

Which NZ bank savings product is right for you?

For many of us, saving money is our first taste of the world of growing our wealth. I remember starting out as a kid by putting my pocket money into ...
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The best bank accounts and credit cards for managing your everyday finances

Being an investor isn't just about signing up to InvestNow/Sharesies/etc. and picking the right fund to invest in. We investors need the support of good products and services to help ...
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Term deposit rates suck! What you can do – with 5 term deposit tips

Late last year I opened a 9 month term deposit with an interest rate of 3.50%. Time has flown by, and now as that term deposit is approaching maturity, I'm ...
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Smartshares vs AMP vs Milford vs Nikko AM – Cash fund shootout

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