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9 ways to invest in New Zealand

Do you want to start investing and want to know what the options are? Here's a beginner's guide to nine investing options available in New Zealand - from the four ...
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How to invest for kids in New Zealand

As a parent you want the best for your kids. This might involve saving and investing money for their future, in addition to making sure they eat their veggies, do ...
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What taxes do you need to pay on your investments in New Zealand?

Tax might be the biggest expense you'll pay over your lifetime. And you wouldn't be alone if you said that tax is the most confusing (and perhaps the most boring!) ...
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No Sharesies, No worries! A guide to investment services in Australia

Whether it be the ANZACs, the great sporting rivalries, or just fighting over who invested the lamington, New Zealand certainly has close ties with our neighbour, Australia. We are close ...
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Clean and Green? 5 things to know about Ethical investing

Cluster bombs, land mines, and controversial weapons. Having your hard earned KiwiSaver money being invested in these industries is probably the last thing you want. This is where ethical investing ...
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2020 Recession? How to prepare your investment portfolio

Most people living in New Zealand are familiar with the risk of natural disasters, like a major earthquake. We prepare for this risk by making plans with family, stocking up ...
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What I learnt – Craigs Investment Partners Investing Workshop

Investment firms regularly run free investing workshops and seminars to share their knowledge to the public (and they usually have free food!). This month I've been seeing ads for complimentary ...
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What I learnt – NZ Shareholders’ Association ‘Money 101’ Seminar

Last week was World Investor Week, and the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Shareholders' Association put on a free investing seminar. The theme was use it or lose it ...
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What I learnt – Foxplan ‘Grow Your Wealth’ Investment Workshop

I first heard about Wellington based financial planning firm FoxPlan a few years ago when a couple of their advisers tried to add me on LinkedIn. I ignored them, like ...
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What I learnt – ‘Investing for Contractors’ Panel with Darcy Ungaro

I've recently begun listening to investing and finance related podcasts, one of them being NZ Everyday Investor, hosted by Darcy Ungaro. Last week Darcy facilitated a panel event in Wellington ...
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What I learnt – Puro (Medical Cannabis) Investor Roadshow

There is always some hot trend going on in the investing world, and medical cannabis is one of them right now. In recent years, we've seen medical cannabis firm Cannasouth ...
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Sharesies’ new fee structure – How will the changes affect you?

Sharesies are making big changes to their fee structure starting from 29 April 2021, saying goodbye to their subscription fees, while welcoming transaction fees on NZX listed ETFs. This article ...
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