Investing 102

Know the key basics, and looking to improve your investing knowledge? I’ve put together some of my favourite Money King NZ articles below, in which I’m sure you’ll learn something new. Enjoy!

1. Funds

Funds are one of the easiest ways to invest, but there is often more to them than meets the eye.

Investing tip – It’s unnecessary to invest in a lot of funds to build a diversified portfolio. Selecting a few good funds is enough.


There’s a couple of things you need to be aware of when investing in shares – dividends and corporate actions.

Investing tip – Quality beats quantity when it comes to selecting companies to invest in.

3. Alternative Investments

There’s a number of alternative asset classes you can invest in like cryptocurrency, and crowdfunding. Are they worth it compared to traditional shares and funds?

Investing tip – Alternative investments can be fund and rewarding, but are usually higher risk. Consider using them to supplement your investment portfolio, rather than a core part of it.

4. Other Investing Articles

There are plenty of other aspects to consider when investing!

Investing tip – You will make mistakes while investing. Learn from them and adjust your investment portfolio or strategy if necessary.

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