Money King NZ Favourites

Here’s a collection of our favourite investing related content from Money King NZ and other content creators.

Favourites from other content creators

There’s plenty of awesome investing and personal finance related content out here. Here’s some of our favourites in no particular order. For a list of investing content creators we’re following, check out our Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube page.

Favourites from Money King NZ

Lastly here’s our 5 favourite recent articles on the Money King NZ site:

  1. The ultimate guide to investment platforms in New Zealand
  2. The ultimate guide to KiwiSaver funds and schemes
  3. The ultimate guide to index funds in New Zealand
  4. 12 common investing myths and misconceptions busted
  5. Tax on foreign investments – How do FIF and Estate Taxes work?

And 5 favourite older articles:

  1. 6 ways to build a long-term investment portfolio in New Zealand
  2. More funds = less diversification? Are you investing in too many funds?
  3. 2020 Recession? How to prepare your investment portfolio
  4. Funds 101 – What’s the difference between an Index Fund, ETF, and more?
  5. What happens to your money if InvestNow or Sharesies go bust?
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